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Radio Theater Workshop

NGCP proudly presents

(a reproduction of the original from July 1946)

maltese falcon.jpg

Academy Award Theater:

The Maltese Falcon

Announcer - Foy Tootle
Sam Spade - Frank Lastra
Brigid - Deborah Likens
Cairo/Announcer - Charles Lipthrott Wilmer/Gutman - David Spivey
Vocal director - Foy Tootle
Foley Sound Technicians - Rick Crouse and Mark Benson
Music Accompaniment - Stephan DeBlasio Sound Technician - Tim Henderson
Producer - Jenna Barry

We are so pleased to share with you our newest project - Radio Theater Workshop!

 In reproducing some of the great radio shows of the past, we have created some fantastic new opportunities to explore an additional form of performing arts; a less intimidating way for new actors to get comfortable on stage; new areas of theater tech to be mastered; a new challenge for our more experienced actors; and a chance to take this art form on the road for community outreach.

Our first show was a truly enjoyable project. If you are interested in joining us please reach out by email:

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